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About Conflict International

Industries we serve


In this world where information matters, all businesses take information very seriously and set great store by its gathering and usage. As production and trade develop rapidly with research and development efforts resulting in new technologies, businesses have to depend on free information flows and abundant information resources for their normal operating and maintaining competitiveness. 

Information about the competition and partners, internal instabilities within businesses and the policy trends of governmental regulators is what TBI offers to managers who need such information. 

Businesses in all the industries which are in the process of modernization, internationalization or localization need accurate information to boost their competitiveness and steer clear of risks. 

Risk control within businesses involves not only all their internal parts and fields, but all the aspects of their interaction with the outside world as well.

Government and public sectors

Third-party investigation when executed effectively can help the governments to achieve long-term scientific management, which need to keep the public informed of government affairs, build a service-oriented government, and strive to have high efficiency, transparency, objectivity, so as to keep the public satisfied about their services. 

TBI has long been a quality investigation service provider for different sectors of government, administrations of industry and commerce (AICs), public security departments, and government agencies. 

Law firms

TBI is a long-term provider of high-quality investigation services for a great many prestigious law firms. We have built channels through projects which are commissioned by clients with effective execution and then we will provide then with the most accurate information provided to them.

Our service offerings include evidence gathering for litigation, asset searches, searches for defendants and people subject to law enforcement, and process service.

Investment banks

TBI provides professional due diligence investigation and risk control services for investment banks.

Non-government organizations (NGOs)

TBI provides investigation support to various kinds of associations, charitable organizations, and other NGOs.

Immigration Offices

TBI provides immigration background check support for different immigration offices abroad. It helps with the background check of the Chinese application who are applying for immigration in each certain country to make sure whether the applicants’ qualifications can fit in with the requirements of immigration. As a domestic investigation company, TBI has more advantages on time and investigation fee too.